Registration and Subscription Information

RateBASE is one of several logistics management solutions  owned and developed by  Descartes Systems Group.

RateBASE is available in two optional subscription plans:

Usage Subscription Plan - Access to One (1) Carrier

$1.00 per minute, subject to a minimum of $60.00 per month.

The license agreement subjects this subscription to a minimum period of 90 days.  The monthly charge (including the minimum for the per-minute "Usage" plan) is invoiced at the beginning of each month.  Monthly usage in excess of the minimum is invoiced at the end of each month.

Unlimited Use Subscription Plan - Access to All Carriers

$415.00 per month with no additional usage charges.

Both subscription plans are subject to the RateBASE  License Agreement.  

The tariff database available through RateBASE is the property of Descartes Systems Group and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Information contained therein shall not be disclosed, published, redistributed, displayed or otherwise made available to others, whether for a fee or not, the tariff databases or any part thereof.